“Part of what it is to be courageous is to see reality accurately and to respond well in the face of it." ~ Jonathan Lear

The Labour Party, and other party politics (UKIP, Greens etc)

Blue Labour should be about more than politics (13th July 2015)

Sadiq Khan - playing the politics of race again (24th June 2015)

Labour needs to ditch some sacred cows (10th May 2015)

Nietzsche, values and democratic politics (27th February 2015)

Moneyball, applied to politics (13th February 2015)

In Praise of Yvette Cooper, for standing up against the paralysing 'liberal' consensus (19th November 2014)

Labour has fallen in with the wrong kind of feminist (31st July 2014) 

A cynic’s guide to Labour’s NEC election (22nd July 2014)

Labour's mixed-up confusion on race and diversity (8th June 2014; Spectator piece 31st May 2014)

Labour, Gender and PMQs (7th February 2014)

Labour's culture of fixing goes far beyond the unions (6th July 2013 – originally published by New Statesman on 4th July)

Why I spoiled my Labour Euro-selections ballot paper (7th June 2013 – originally published on Labour Uncut on 6th June)

Labour needs to stop being boring (21st February 2013)

Let's Talk About Values (19th February 2013)

A Labour Movement? Really? (11th February 2013)

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