An Announcement

I have some good news.

Some will have already seen it on Twitter and elsewhere, where the response has been gratifying.

The news is that I have been appointed as a Research Fellow by the think tank Civitas to work on a project about the extraordinary power of progressive politics in Britain today.

Some have misunderstood this as a 'job'. Really the role is what seems to be known as a 'berth'. It will entail me being attached to Civitas as a think tank. I will have a desk at their offices in Westminster and an email address.

I will receive a fee for completion of the project. However I will need to raise funds of my own to support it.

If you or someone who know or an institution you are aware of might be interested in providing funding, do let me know.

I will of course put together a more detailed description of the project in due course. However the centre of it is to investigate how progressivism exerts itself in our public life, to explore the consequences of this on our wider democracy and society, and to show how policy-makers and administrators might adjust their approaches in the light of the more negative effects.

A central theme will be how the progressive approach places itself ahead of us, as if everything has already been decided.

This is a central feature of our politics and wider public life, but it has not been explored in detail as far as I am aware.

Anyway, if this is of interest, do feel free to contact me either in the comments here, via Twitter or on email at


  1. "the centre of it is to investigate how progressivism exerts itself in our public life"

    It would be interesting to see why Whitehall pays so much attention to organisations like the Runnymede Trust and Stonewall. The Tavistock Institute would also be worth looking at as well what polices come down from the United Nations and the EU.

    Finally, the big money pushing all this should be investigated. The Runnymede used to publish who their donors were (big banks were among them), now they don't. Why?

  2. Very well done - we have much in common.

  3. Well done. As an academic who wanted Corbyn to lose badly, I'm glad I'm away from progressivism until mid January


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