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The Same Old Ways of English Football

"Maybe we have failed to heed the warning signs": Chris Mullin greets the Millennium

The former Labour MP Chris Mullin's Diaries are a delight: genuinely enlightening, funny, thought-provoking, indiscreet (at times, but not exclusively) and also moving.

One aspect of the Diaries that has been largely overlooked by their many admirers is Mullin's politics, which I find particularly attractive and a world away from the Old Labour caricature that many New Labour types seem to assume. He considers the future not from a purely economistic point of view as most politicians end up doing, but from the perspective of what life will be like for his children and grandchildren, and other children and grandchildren around the world. This means giving more than a cursory consideration to what the economic system is doing to our environment, and to ourselves with it.