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Labour has fallen in with the wrong kind of feminist

Five books for summer reading

I only decided to post this list having compiled it as a comment in response to a post on LabourList from The Fabian Society's Deputy General Secretary Marcus Roberts. I think anyone who is interested in the wider political world would take something good from all of these books, while hopefully not getting bogged down too much.

1)  Dee Brown - 'Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee'. 
I recommend this largely because of Jon Cruddas' recent speech mentioning the book 'Radical Hope' by Jonathan Lear. That is a fine book with good insights, but this one has much greater depth of history and background on the existential and material dispossession of the American Indians, with moments of joy and hope across the cultural divides. It helps to break down what is good and right in amazing, diverse, confusing situations.

2)  J.B. Priestley - 'English Journey'. 
A travelogue across England published in 1934 during the Great Depression. It's a really easy, …

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