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A Q&A on the trans-feminist war and wider identity politics for the French magazine L'Incorrect

Here I have pasted in a lengthy series of questions and answers I conducted with the journalist Sylvie Perez for an article that has appeared in the March issue of the French magazine L'Incorrect

The article discusses the transgender-feminist war that is raging away now in Britain. My comments put this in the context of what I call 'the system of diversity' in my book The Tribe. Obviously, only a few of those comments can appear in the article and I thought they were worth pasting in full on here.

Questions and Answers
1/ What does the conflict opposing feminists to transgender activists tell us about the escalation in the victimhood status and overall about the leap forwards of identity politics ?
Victimhood is the base of knowledge which all claims to identity group favouritism rely on. The transgender activists seem to have realised this, learning their lessons from other identity activists that maximising how victimised they appear will pay back if they shout loud enoug…