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The remarkable identity politics of the People's Vote

In my book I wrote quite a bit on how efforts to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union have mobilised what I call 'the system of diversity', by aligning to a view of the world in which certain identity groups like women, gay and non-white-skinned people appear as victims of unfavoured groups like men, white-skinned people and the ethnic English.

Seemingly every day brings more remarkable evidence of this.

Via Twitter, James Mendelsohn has kindly sent one of the best, most concise examples I have seen so far - a video by a campaign group called Our People, Our Choice which calls itself, 'A group of young people campaigning for a #PeoplesVote on the Brexit deal!'

We say no to Brexit
And social mobility, grinding to a halt.
We say no
To the rich doing fine but the poor getting poorer
Whilst parliament “negotiate”, dividing regions and communities.

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