Unherd article on economic rationalism, diversity and immigration

I have written a piece for the website Unherd about the way the alliance between  technocratic, free market liberalism and the politics of diversity over mass immigration - is a theme that crops up a few times in my book.

You can read the article here.


  1. Very interesting.

    One thing I would like to tease out however is that while there can be ideological movements pushing these agendas (i.e. people who sincerely believe that they are correct and just), one should not discount the more realpolitik elements of pure power and deep corruption.

    Last night a friend and I had a look into the backgrounds of some of the people connected to Labour's grooming gang scandal.

    Take for example the former Director of Public Prosecutions (2003 to 2008) Lord Macdonald. Looks like a very suspect chap.


    ''As a junior barrister he defended a number of terrorist suspects (both Provisional IRA and those from the Middle East), fraudsters and major drug dealers, he was also on the defence team for the Matrix Churchill trial.[6] In the late 1990s, he was a co-founder of Matrix Chambers (a set of barristers' chambers specialising in human rights cases) with Cherie Booth and Tim Owen QC.[6] In 2001 he became a recorder (a part-time judge) in the Crown Court.[9]''

    Nice company he kept there... Good contacts to make. How does such a chap, at such a young age, having only been a part time judge, rise to DPP so quickly?

    ''The appointment was immediately denounced by Opposition spokesmen as "rampant cronyism" and a "provocative appointment" due to Macdonald's business relationship with Cherie Booth (wife of then Prime Minister Tony Blair) and his lack of prosecution experience.''

    His appointment was defended by the Lord Pannick, the man who was most concerned to overturn Britain's Primary Purpose Rule - which opened the floodgate for Muslim chain migration. https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/10356909?q&versionId=12055416

    So, obviously given what Peter McLoughlin's 'Easy Meat' uncovered and given the years of Macdonald's tenure above, there's no way Blair and his mafia didn't know about the rapes. My Greek friend even speculates that they were making money from the drugs side of the rape gangs, certainly their friends in the City were:

    Either way, we are looking at another Clinton family crime syndicate.

    Macdonald's even got his nose in the Ukraine debacle: http://www.britishukrainiansociety.org/2015/11/19/1075

    You can see what David Malone thought about the British Ukrainian Society and its MI6 affiliated members here:

    Macdonald was also a first pupil of Helena Kennedy who is very closely connected to Common Purpose - the charity whose name keeps popping up in relation to inaction on the rape gangs.


    No wonder the big feminist has so little to say about the greatest scandal in English social history.

    We clearly need to start draining our own swamp.

    At some point we will also need to reappraise the appointment of Keir Starmer as Macdonald's successor (2008-2013). Clearly the English Defence League was forcing the hand of the authorities during this period so can we view his tenure as an attempt to do something about the rape gangs but not too much?

  2. And, separately but relatedly, we also turned up some interesting facts about Peter Tatchell


    ''Seven years after dodging the draft, Tatchell applied for an officer’s commission in the Royal Artillery, underwent training in artillery and tank warfare and was offered a place at Sandhurst. He turned it down, since he was actually researching a book on the class-ridden, anti-democratic, imperialist culture of the British armed forces. But a few years later he was lecturing at Sandhurst and other military institutions on his strategy of non-nuclear "defensive defence".''


    ''What do I know about military matters? Not much. But in 1985 I wrote a book on military history and theory, Democratic Defence, which was commended by senior officers at Sandhurst and Camberley. I also occasionally lectured there during the 1980s. Indeed, I was offered a place at Sandhurst. When I turned it down, because of my objection to the war in Ireland, the commanding officer of the Royal Artillery urged me to reconsider. He suggested, somewhat improbably, that I was potential General Staff material.''

    You don't get into military establishments without being part of the deep State. I mean how else has the man managed to fund a life of ''human rights activism'' for free?

    And now that Vice President Mike Pence is speaking to anti-LGBT conferences, (https://www.newsweek.com/mike-pence-becomes-first-vp-address-anti-gay-summit-1137498), I think we need to be clear that gay rights and the LGBT agenda are two different things. The former is about dignity, the latter is about dissolving society in the interests of finance capital. Trump's renouncement of globalisation means things are going into reverse.

    As such we also see that Rees Mogg is coming out for the traditional family https://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/09/28/rees-mogg-public-policy-discriminates-family-encourages-breakdown/

    and that Breitbart (a Trump-Bannon front) and Katie Hopkins (who has links to the Trump team) are reporting on drug trafficking


    No wonder fakes like Ian Bone (another man who has never worked) are ''harassing'' the likes of Mogg. Gives the State permission to issue personal security to controversial politicians. https://order-order.com/2018/09/12/police-called-moggs-children-nanny-ambushed-leftist-protest-outside-home/

    I think we can expect 2019 to start getting very interesting.

  3. In addition to poor white boys and men, another identity group locked out of the system of diversity: whither the outrage about the rise in attacks on the elderly (most of whom I bet are white)?



    Even the Guardian saw fit to cover it. Which I think is somewhat ironic since they and the rest of the liberal class have held the elderly responsible for Brexit.


    Indeed, given the bile that has been hurled against our older citizens, who, along with children, are surely our most vulnerable people, is it beyond the bounds of logic to suggest that this incessant propaganda hasn't in some way contributed to this increase in sickening attacks?

    Which other group in society could face such violence and with barely a murmur (for the issue has quickly fallen out of sight) from the government or media? If you think the elderly have no place in the hierarchy of victimhood, you'd be right as the government has confirmed that age will not be a protected characteristic for hate crimes.



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