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The role of identity politics in the Remainer Revolt

There is a new piece of mine up on the Briefings for Brexit website: 'The role of identity politics in the Remainer Revolt'. Click  here  to read. UPDATE, 24th July 2018: The same article, edited slightly and with a different title, is also up on the Brexit Central website. See here .

On mass immigration as a phenomenon

While writing The Tribe I found two of my main interests, in the existential background to life and in mass immigration as a phenomenon, fusing and coming together in ways that I am still exploring and finding interesting. I think this coming-together has helped me to address one of the fundamental questions of our time in the book, namely, Why is mass immigration such a troubling phenomenon for ‘host’ communities or people? Even using this word ‘phenomenon’, which I know annoys some people in its vagueness, helps to guide us towards the sort of answers I have been coming up with. It helps because it does not limit how we address what is going on in the act of describing it. For one thing, it helps us to avoid locating the source of trouble in immigrants themselves, as if there is something wrong with them. But it also avoids locating the troubles in what I am calling here, for want of a better word, ‘host’ communities or people – as if there is something wrong with them