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On Personal Failures, Plans and Trying to Make a Living

I’m looking at crowdfunding as a way to help me make a living. Firstly, I’ll explain why and then I’ll consider some of the options briefly, soliciting the thoughts of readers. Basically, since around October last year, I’ve been pursuing a two-track strategy of: 1)       Seeking to make money via freelance work, principally writing; and 2)       Applying for proper full-time/part-time jobs to try and get myself a sustainable income, some security and visibility. The blunt truth is that I’ve failed. 1) The book Despite doing rather well, so I’m told, and getting excellent reviews and reader responses, the impact of The Tribe sales on my bank account have been negligible for the work put in. Almost all sales proceeds go to Amazon, the publisher and others. This isn’t unexpected. Indeed in some ways the book has done better than I’d hoped. But still – publishing books isn’t of itself a way to make a living unless you are one of the lucky/very good few. 2) Fre

On misunderstanding politics as philosophy

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the differences between politics and philosophy – and how we confuse the two of them much of the time, treating what are often basic political necessities as matters of theory.     We do that in explaining our own actions, seeking justification after the fact, but also in explaining those of others, criticising them for mistakes in their ‘thinking’ when it is not always evident much thinking has taken place at all. Politics is a domain of decision-making, in the world , not detached from it. It is relentless, continuing day upon day for as long as we interact with others in society. In it, our primary reference point is not detached philosophical reflection and the theories that come out of it, but the immediate world around us, of other people and institutions and the demands they make of us. Of course, theory is embedded in this world. But we do not typically relate to it in a detached, individualised manner – that of the ‘thinker’